Take Back Your Freedom, with Green Smoke
Take Back Your Freedom, with Green Smoke


Try an unmatched smoking experience with this exciting alternative to cigarettes. With its sensational flavors, made with natural tobacco extracts, you can now feel great about what you smoke.

How Do Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Work?

Green Smoke e-cigarettes provide the most flavorful smoking experience guaranteed.
It’s user friendly and consists of only two parts:
1. BATTERYThe Source of Great Power
2. CARTRIDGEThe Secret to Great Flavor
LED Light
The Smart Chip
Unique Flavor Blends
– Simply twist the cartridge and battery together and inhale as you would a traditional cigarette. –


The secret to great flavor

It’s our unique flavor blends, made with natural tobacco extracts, provide amazing flavor and may give you feelings of excitement, triumph and general awesomeness.

Cartridges come in 8 different flavors and five different nicotine levels to suit any smokers preferences.

One Cartridge is comparable to a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes*

The Green Smoke advantage

  • Rich, robust flavor
  • Highest smoke volume in the industry
  • Flavor ShieldTM vapor technology
  • Green SealTM freshness technology

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* based on number of puffs.


USP Grade  propylene glycol,

USP Grade vegetable glycerin,


Natural flavorings.


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