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About Arkansas Eliquid

moonshiners“Making moonshine is considered a tradition; it is a part of Appalachian and Southern culture that thrives throughout the history of the South. However, if you turn back the pages on your calendar you will see that making moonshine wasn’t always an art or a tradition. For many, it was a way of life, and/or a means of survival. Men would brew moonshine to ensure that their families would have food on the table and a roof over their heads. Former Stock car driver Louise Smith described life in the south by saying “Honey, everybody was poor. Back in those days there just wasn’t any money.”” Source

As a team of Arkansas entrepreneurs with bills to pay and families to support – we are 100% on the same page as the shiners and runners from back in the day.  Fast forward to 2014, Arkansas.  That’s where our team lives, works and plays…and where we have bought our homes and choose to raise our families. Arkansas hasn’t changed all that much. It’s a place that prides itself on pristine, untouched nature…but families here have been dealing with a struggling economy for way longer than this current economic recession.  So why do we stay?  Why do we love it with all of our hearts?  We love old-fashioned values.  We love feeling safe in our homes.  We LOVE watching a herd of deer walk across our land (and an occasional bear or big cat) and we thrive on the fresh air and sunshine.  We love living in the Natural State and we love things done the “Natural Way.”

Brick wall with a painting of a flag, Arkansas

So, when we first heard of electronic cigarettes…we were leery as hell!  No fire?  No tobacco?  No smoke?  (Then what the hell IS IT?!!)  But as we have all lost people we love to cancer, emphysema and other smoking related illnesses…we took notice…and decided to give it a try.  

A few years ago we (one member of the team at a time) we began converting from tobacco smoking to vaping.  The people around us started asking us  questions as to why we liked this one or that brand…(and believe me…we had to kiss a lot of toads (aka spend a LOT of money) to figure out what was quality and which ones were absolute crap!  So we started blogging about e-cigarettes and comparing them to each other for other consumers out there. There was a whole lot of shabby product being put on the shelves and it was starting to turn people off.  We got pretty frustrated by our options and we simply knew we could produce a better product.  So, we educated ourselves, opened up shop and through trial and error have perfected our line…OurShine!

Our Shine  A new type of Arkansas-born brew. 
Running through the same towns, on the same roads that the moonshiners ran – just a few a good 270929_2240490092221_6101056_nole boys…putting food on the table.  Our Shine by Arkansas eLiquid provides a clean, “smoke-free”, inexpensive way for the smokers of Arkansas (and all over the US of A) to still enjoy the pleasure of taking a deep satisfying drag…without inhaling burning tobacco filled with tar and a host of carcinogens…or paying $5-$10 bucks a PACK to do so!  We have all cut our monthly $250-$300 smoking budgets down to between $30-$50 a month!  Now I don’t know about you…but that’s a new car (or a mortgage payment) where we come from!

OurShine is made right here in Arkansas by the ArkansaseLiquid company and the more “shine” we make…the more Arkansas jobs we will create.   You can check us out at any shop that carries our “Shine” and sample our flavors right off the rack (click here for a list of our vendors) or you can order direct. The choice is yours.

It started as a preference, then became a hobby, we made it into an art form, and now, it’s a our livelihood.  God Bless America!  Please help us make the American Dream into a reality!

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  • Arkansas eLiquid Company – “Our Shine Outshines the Competition”

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