VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes and Custom Blends


  • is all yours: select one, two or three flavors or double shots to create a completely customized vaping experience. 100% made in the USA.

    Custom Blended Flavor
  • peach + cream = peaches n’ cream

    The taste and aroma of a fresh juicy peach topped with essence of whipped cream makes for a delicate and fruity flavor.

    Peach + Cream = Peaches n' Cream
  • watermelon + strawberry = juicy fruit

    If you are looking for a sweet juicy blend, ride the watermelon wave combined with a fresh strawberry taste.

    Watermelon + Strawberry = Juicy Fruit
  • rum + lime + mint = cuban mojito

    Don’t shake it up; blend these e-liquids into one smooth cocktail flavor. Make your own mojito with this winning combination.

    Rum + Lime + Mint = Cuban Mojito
  • strawberry + blueberry + rasberry = berry bash

    Try this berry medley, if you want a party in your mouth where only the richest berries are invited.

    Strawberry + Blueberry + Rasberry = Berry Bash
  • orange + vanilla = creamsicle

    Juicy oranges combined with creamy vanilla make for a classic creamsicle pairing, but vaped this blend will never melt away.

    Orange + Vanilla = Creamsicle
  • cheesecake + blueberry = blueberry cheesecake

    Red, white and blue is how we like to think of our 100% USA made e-liquids and this blend has the white and blue covered.

    Cheesecake + Blueberry = Blueberry Cheesecake


VaporFi Create Your Own E-Liquid Blend

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