The SigECig™ Starter Kit

Whether you’ve never smoked an eCig or you’re looking to make a switch – it’s time you try a SigECig™



Here’s what you get for only $19.99

1 A SigECig™ rechargable battery

2 A SigECig™ USB charger

3 A SigECig™ flavor pack containing each of our 5 signature flavors

You Get All 5 SigECig™ Flavors For Free

Each Starter Kit comes with 1 cartridge of each flavor so you can try them all to decide which you like best. After that, refill packs (5 cartridges) are just $8.99

eCigs Are Better Than Cigarettes In Every Way

 Odorless – never smell like an ash tray again

 Smoke indoors – leaving no smell or ash behind

 Smoke at your own pace – take 1 puff or 20

 Inhale water vapor – instead of burnt tobacco leaves

 Don’t bother people – no second hand smoke

 Save money – SigECig’s™ costs less



Originally posted 2014-08-24 11:50:08.